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  • GIT push to multiple servers

    How to push GIT repository into two remote repository master branches with different commits. Here is a step-by-step guide to git push to multiple repositories.

  • Creating Pivot reports in MySQL

    With some tricks you can create dynamic pivot reports in Mysql. This is a step by step guide to achieve same result as PIVOT.

  • Experimental Cassandra Lock

    How to create an experimental Cassandra distributed lock system to be able to do synchronised insertion/updates on Cassandra.

  • Port Knocking! How to enable in Linux

    Here I’m going to explain one simple iptables configuration to enable port knocking which can protect your server from un-authorized access.

  • Gentoo on Raspberry Pi

    How to install Gentoo on Raspberry Pi without Keyboard, mouse and display attached to your Raspberry-Pi. Step-By-Step guide to do that!

  • Here is a new home for my blog

    Recenty I decided to move my blog from DigitalOcean © hosted machines managed fully automated by Chef © to Github © pages. After a few weeks I finally managed to give it a try. And you’re just looking at the result. Feels good :-)