Impact Mapping As Easy As Pie

Impact Mapping Malaysia’s third agile meet-up very well hosted by Nintex Malaysia. All seats booked pretty fast. Marcus Hammarberge was the main speaker.

The topic was pretty interesting and new to me. I’m going to jot down some key take aways maybe someone else will find it use full and a starting point to use this powerful strategy.

That’s particularly interesting when I realized such a simple planning strategy can make your project more clear and meaningful. And it can actually reduces the gap between delivery teams and business people. It helps delivery teams to feel the interaction of their crafted software with actual users and on the other hand helps business people to get the big-picture of the project better.

I worked with different agile teams and in most teams (if not all) the main issue is, delivery teams usually does not understand how their product going to impact its users. That’s very annoying to see most talented developers building a product which they don’t even know how it’s going to be used! In many cases they build a feature which is far different from business requirements or it’s too sophisticated than it was really supposed to be.

“Impact Mapping” helps business people see a bigger-picture of the project as well. It’ll be much easier for them to see how much a particular requirement or feature is going to have an impact. With this vision making decisions and prioritizing requirements we’ll be a lot easier.

At first I thought “Hey man, it’s gonna to be a complex process to collect all those information and making tons of reports and whatnots!” But it was much easier and natural than I thought. And of course very well pointed by Marcus.

Marcus Hammarberge speaker of agile meet-up, nailed down the importance this strategy very well and that was enough to ignite a spark of interest in me to find some resources and study more about it.

Impact Mapping is actually name of a book written by Gojko Adžić a software delivery consultant. He is also author of several other well known books in software industry.

If I did make a similar feeling to you and you are now more interested to see what’s it about Impact Mapping I’m pretty much done my job and I leave the rest to Marcus:

For more information you can refer to Impact Mapping official website.